Fresh trimmed green beans, you’ll need 2 Lbs
Smoked turkey legs, I used 1 pound
Minced garlic; use a large spoon
Chopped onion; I used a medium-sized one
Peeled and diced potatoes; 4 to 5 medium-sized
2 t spoons.Of seasoning salt
1 t spoon.Of ground black pepper
Step 1: To proceed, I prepared a large pot of smoked turkey, and I cooked the turkey in the smoker until it was done.
Step 2: After adding the water or stock to the pot, I brought the temperature all the way up to its maximum setting.
Step 3: Once the turkey has cooked to the appropriate degree of doneness, I removed it from the saucepan. It is very important NOT to drain the liquid in the pan. It is going to be used!
Step 4: At this point, I prepared the turkey meat by dicing it, you can also shred it, depending on your preference, and check that all of the bones and the skin have been removed before proceeding.
Step 5: After that, I added the green beans, smoked turkey, chopped onions, and garlic into the saucepan with the water that’s been preserved. And I added the spices, mixing all the ingredients together.
Step 6: After around 10 minutes of simmering, I added the potatoes and continue cooking until everything was lovely and soft, or until it achieved the desired doneness.
Enjoy your meal with cornbread, it offers an extra taste to your food!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!1

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