Air chicken wings



°2 pound chicken wings Party Pack
°1 tsp olive oil
°Half a tsp sea salt
°Half tsp ground black pepper
°Half a teaspoon of garlic powder
°½ teaspoon smoked paprika
°Half a t of chili powder
°½ t onion powder

* Methods

Preparing air fryer and heat it 182°C or 360°F.
Adding all scrub ingredients in mixing bowl. Stirring until well blended.
Using paper towels to dried chicken wings.
Adding chicken wing inside resealable bag with oil. Shake bag so chicken wings are well coat with the oil.
Arrange chicken wings in preheated air fryer.
Cooking for 10 minutes on every side.
Set heat to 390°F & cook for other 6 minutes

Serve hot & enjoy!

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