When I served these at a party, people kept grabbing seconds and thirds

Seeking a party appetizer that’s not only mouth-watering but also an instant hit? Dive into the world of Crack Chicken Pinwheels. A tantalizing mix of succulent chicken, velvety cheese, and crispy bacon wrapped in a tender tortilla, these pinwheels are truly addictive. Be ready, once you delve in, you might find it challenging to resist the temptation!
Last summer, I prepped for a backyard party. While exploring appetizer options, I chanced upon the intriguingly named Crack Chicken Pinwheels and couldn’t resist giving them a shot. The outcome? An absolute sensation! The icing on the cake? They hardly demand any elaborate cooking!
Hardly had I placed the serving tray on the table when it was swiped clean! The symphony of flavors was just irresistible, leading to second, third, and maybe even fourth helpings. All night, my friends kept inquiring about this delightful recipe. Now, every time there’s a get-together, these pinwheels are a must-have.
Crack Chicken Pinwheels

2 cups of cooked chicken, shredded (Leftover rotisserie chicken works wonders!)

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

½ cup bacon, cooked and crumbled

1-2 tablespoons ranch seasoning mix

1 tablespoon milk

4 large tortillas (Flavored ones like spinach or sun-dried tomato work well)


In a spacious bowl, meld together the chicken, cream cheese, cheddar, bacon, milk, and ranch seasoning. Stir until it’s a uniform blend.

Spread the tortillas and allocate the chicken blend equally. Ensure you leave a tiny border.

Commence the roll from one end, ensuring the filling remains intact and tight. Repeat for all.

Seal the tortilla rolls with plastic wrap and chill for 2 hours minimum, overnight for best results.

Before serving, convert the rolls into ½-inch pinwheels.

Display them beautifully on a tray and for an extra touch, sprinkle some green onions on top.

Whip up these Crack Chicken Pinwheels and watch as they become the talk of the party. The harmony of the delectable filling with the supple tortilla promises a gastronomical journey. Ready to be the most sought-after host? This recipe is your ticket! Enjoy and remember – you’ve been warned about their addictive nature!

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