Homemade Crunch Wrap Supremes

– 12 “burrito size” flour tortillas
– 6 corn tortillas
– 1 lb ground beef
– 1 pkg taco seasoning of your choice
– 1 jar of taco cheese (found in the same aisle as the mexican foods/or chips)
– 1 container of sour cream
– 3-4 tomatoes (depending on size)
– 1 bag/head of iceberg lettuce
**please note these quantities and measurements for filling crunch wraps are estimates, you should adjust filling amounts to suite your own tastes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Use one corn tortilla to cut a circle of the same size out of 6 of the flour tortillas. Put the 6 cut out flour tortillas aside. (Reserve outside of the 6 flour tortillas for making homemade tortilla chips if desired.) Place 6 corn tortillas on a baking sheet (spread out) and bake until crispy (mine took about 7 minutes – I would recommend starting with 5 minutes and then checking every 2-3 minutes until they are done to your liking). Put oven to “warm”.

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