I’m honestly not sure what the regional distribution is for Shopper’s Food Warehouse…but this was my mom’s go-to grocery store (and still is).  And the only reason I even remember it is the doughnut display.  I mean HOLY COLOSSAL DOUGHNUTS.  No, really, that’s what they were called.  For 59 cents you could get a doughnut–of any flavor you could imagine–that was literally the size of my 10-year-old face.  No wonder I was a chubby kid.

Besides the doughnuts, however, was something even greater.  The apple fritters.  OMG I’m getting all nostalgic and hungry just thinking about them.  While the doughnuts were the size of my 10-year-old face, the fritters were the size of my 25-year-old face.  Crispy on the outside, huge chunks of cinnamon-y apple nested in an ooey-gooey-doughey center, a sugar glaze about an inch thick all over…yeah.

So by no means are my apple fritters the size of my face.  Or “doughey.”  Or covered in more sugar than you should consume in an entire year.  But they’re so fracking delicious I can’t stand it.  More like fried apple pancakes, maybe, but there’s something about apples and cinnamon–fried to get a crispity, crunchity caramel crust all over…and drizzled with a little honey–that makes me melt on my feet.

If you want to be super-duper healthy and have zero sugar, you can nix the honey completely and they’ll be divine on their own or with a dollop of almond butter.  Mmmmm…almond butter

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