Savory Potato and Mushroom Cake

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 Here you can find a delicious recipe that makes a delectable meal out of ordinary items. The hearty tastes of onions and potatoes are brought to life with the earthy undertones of mushrooms in this delicious potato and mushroom cake. Dinnertime perfection that will satisfy meat eaters and vegans alike. The recipe is waiting for us.
The recipe calls for 500 grams (or around three medium-sized) of cooked potatoes.
Thirty grams of butter
Fifty milliliters of milk
An egg, one big
Add salt to taste; use 1 teaspoon minimum.
A soft and sticky dough requires 150 grams of flour.
One thinly sliced onion
One grated carrot
Five hundred grams of chopped mushrooms
To fry with, use vegetable oil.
Garlic: add as desired
Grated cheese, 150 grams
A little bunch of dill, for garnishing
Aluminum foil and parchment paper: for cooking
Get the Potato Dough Started:
Incorporate mashed potatoes, boiling milk, butter, and beaten egg into the mixture. Add salt to taste. To make a soft, slightly sticky dough, gradually add flour.
Quickly sauté the veggies:
Put some vegetable oil in a skillet and set it over medium heat. Fry the chopped onion until it becomes translucent, adding a touch of salt. Toss in the shredded carrot, add a little of salt, and continue cooking until it becomes golden. Put aside.
Cook the sliced mushrooms in the same pan, using additional oil if necessary, until they turn a golden brown color and any moisture has disappeared. Season with salt. Season with a pinch of black pepper.
Put the Cake Together:
Bring the oven up to a temperature of 180°C (356°F) on the bottom rack. Spread parchment paper in a 22-centimeter baking dish.
After you’ve prepped the dish, transfer the potato dough to it. To cover the dish’s bottom, spread and flatten the dough using a spoon soaked in vegetable oil.
Top the dough with half of the fried mushrooms, then add the onion and carrot mixture. Add the last of the mushrooms to garnish.
To avoid the top of the dish from becoming burned, cover it with aluminum foil. Cook for half an hour in a preheated oven.
Removing the foil after 50 minutes, cover with grated cheese, and transfer to top oven heat. To get melted and golden cheese, bake for another 7 to 10 minutes.
Set aside for garnishing:
To add a touch of freshness, sprinkle chopped dill over the cooled potato cake once it has cooled a little.
For a hearty and satisfying supper, just slice and serve hot.

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