Amazing Meatloaf recipe

°350g ground beef
°1 bunch of parsley
°1 onion
°20 g of breadcrumbs
°1 pinch of nutmeg
°3 tbsp. spicy ketchup
°1 egg
°1 C. salt
Preheat the oven th.5/6 (175°C). Put the parsley and onion in the food processor, chop for a few seconds then add the sliced bread cut into small dice. Blend for a few seconds.
Season the beef with salt and pepper. Add ketchup, egg and nutmeg. Blend for 5 seconds. Put the mince in a dish giving it the shape of a ball of bread or put it in a cake mold giving it the shape of a sandwich loaf. Put in the oven for a cooking time of about 45 min.
Enjoy !

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